Write a 3 page essay for a linguistic class.

Write a 3 page essay for a linguistic class.

Requirement is here and the topic has been choose as “

Civil service Examination system between Chinese, Korean, and Vietnam

Introduce what is civil service Examination“

, I will attach the outline for the paper and other materials for you. All the work has to be original Thank you!

Requirement of the paper:

First Paper: “Comparing Asia” (3-5 pp.)

Select a set of issues, texts, or visual artifacts from different Asian countries and reflect

on them through comparison. Think about the challenges and gains of the comparison you are undertaking. You can also compare and contrast media stories about Asia to the texts we are reading in this class. A “thesis paragraph” for your paper will be due two weeks before paper due-date in drop-box and you will sign up to meet with section instructor to discuss your topic further.

(The “thesis paragraph” should include: captivating title, indication of what you will examine, statement about why you chose that topic and what you would like to say about it).

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