Write a content analysis for the uploaded painting.

Write a content analysis for each of the painting below. Content analysis is a subjective and interpretive evaluation of the work. Looking at a work from a particular point of view can be an effective way of interpreting a work. Types of content analysis include feminist, environmentalist, and political. Formal characteristics and context can help to create a basis on which to build your analysis. If you include information from outside sources remember to cite those sources, but you may rely on your opinion and feeling about the work. Make sure to support your feelings and opinions by noting why you have interpreted the work the way that you have.


1- Write at least 3-4 paragraphs about the work

2- no similarity( zero percent similarity)

3- read the above information carefully before starting.

4- refer to the uploaded example for understanding how the assignment should be.

* the assigned painting is uploaded below also.

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