writing an email, assignment help

I need help to write a clear email to request a course override and explain my situation well

Dear Prof Cooper,

This is _ and my ID# is _. I am a newly admitted transfer student that will be attending in this Fall. My major is Chemistry and

attended two colleges, Northern Virgina community college and other international university. So I have two transcripts. I got the evaluation of NVCC done, but my international transcript is still being in processing. I have asked the admission office and I have been told that It needs more time to get the evaluation done. Most of the chemistry classes I took it in my previous international school. As the semester is going to start soon and I am extremely interested in taking your class and would love to be able to take your class this Fall. Would it be possible to get an override?

Please note that I have taken pre-/co-requisites for your course (MATH 114 and PHYS 160) in NOVA and they have been evaluated, but for Chemistry |, || is still being processed

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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