Written Assignment: Best Practices in Teaching:

Best practices for teaching do not just come out of thin air. They are rooted in theories of learning and development, and these theories provide a framework for the initial creation, implementation, and subsequent revision of teaching practices.

Applying Theories

The underlying purpose of theory-based teaching practices is to maximize student learning. As an educator, you will need to have knowledge of key theories to help shape your teaching strategies and guide your instructional planning. For this assignment, you will reflect on how your knowledge of particular theories, methods, and strategies has or will help you plan effective classroom instruction. In a well-written paper of 4-5 pages, please complete the following:

  • Summarize the main points of at least three key theories that have or will apply to your teaching.
  • Explain how your teaching and classroom practices fit with these theories.
  • Discuss how the use of theory-based practices have or will benefit your classroom and your students.
  • Reflect on the importance of theory-based practices in K-12 ELA classrooms.


Although this is a reflective paper, it must still include supporting detail from the course readings and other scholarly sources. Please reference at least:

  • Two chapters from the book you used last semester in MCAD book, based on your interest.
    Topics to consider:
    – Learner diversity
    – Cognitive views of learning
    – Constructing knowledge
    – Complex cognitive processes
    – Theories of motivation
    – Motivation in the classroom

    If you do not have a recent Educational Psychology text, select two of the topics listed above and review
    two peer-reviewed journal articles for each topic (four articles total).

  • Two articles from peer-reviewed ELA journals that focus on implementing theories and methods in the classroom (Wilhelm discusses this).
  • Wilhelm, pages 5-30.
  • The Literacy/ELA section of Engage NY.

Any access to books or videos or the course information, PLEASE reach out to me asap. I will send you everything you need.

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