You will be creating a 30 slide presentation over the following revolutions:

The American Revolution

The French Revolution

The Haitian Revolution

The Russian Revolution

The Unification of Germany under Otto Van Bismarck (Although not a true revolution it was revolutionary and it sets the stage for future wars in Europe)

For each revolution you will need to have five slides for a total of 25 slides. You will also need a title slide, an introduction slide, a conclusion slide, an opinion slide and a works cited slide.

Please answer the following questions about EACH revolution:

Who was involved in this Revolution? (Groups such as Patriots and Loyalist)

List at LEAST three of the leaders of the Revolution? (For example Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and John Hancock)

Who was opposed to the Revolution? (Such as King George during the American Revolution)

What do those who are revolting want?

Was it dangerous for those revolting?

What would have happened to a participant in the revolution if they were caught by the government they were revolting against?

What is the outcome of the Revolution?

Were the successful?

When did the Revolution take place?

Where did the Revolution take place?

Why were people revolting?

What made the revolution successful?

How did the revolution change history?

How did the revolution shape a country?

What is your opinion about the Revolution?

What would you have done differently?

What is one thing that you learned about this revolution that you did not know?

Please include one interesting fact about each revolution

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