Read each paragraph and give me your opinions for each paragraph if you agree or disagree with it


I believe all three of these people are victims due to different reasons. Renee did not initiate any contact, she did not want Joe’s advances. Joe saw a woman alone and thought her an easy target so he choose her to harass. Alan became a victim of Joe’s harassment when he stepped in to defend Renee. Joe immediately becomes physical with Alan by poking him in the chest and throwing a punch. This makes Alan another victim of Joe’s. Alan then retaliates by punching Joe multiple times and knocking him to the ground. Joe is now a victim of Alan’s even though he was the instigator to the fight. The intraindividual theories is the first I came across, these theories locate the cause of deviant behavior. In Joe’s case the most obvious would be that he had consumed to much alcohol to tell how to act appropriately, but he may be like this without alcohol too. We would have to look further into his past to see if there was more too his behavior than alcohol. Symbolic interactionsim are another that could explain this behavior. Symbolic interactionist believe that an individual’s behavior is stemmed from the individual developing their self-image from interactions with others (Doerner & Lab, 2015). Joe may have believed that he was very desirable to women based on previous encounters and thought Renee would be flattered by his advances. Due to Alan’s past encounters may make him inclined to see himself as a hero and is more likely to step in on anther’s behalf. Sociocultural explanation focuses on the idea that external events are the cause of behavior. Joe may have gone through himself being sexually assaulted and this in turn is reasoning for his type of behavior. It is important to consider more than one type of theory because there could be multiple reasons that affect a person’s behavior. A pervious life event and using an inhibitor like alcohol are both possible on influencing how Joe acted. Understanding exactly what affects deviant behavior in an individual is that first step in changing that behavior.


I changed my opinion a few times but in conclusion I decided Renee, Allen andJoe are victims. It was hard for me to consider Joe a victim but as in everything in life it is all how things are perceived. First, Renee just happened to be all alone and she was helpless to Joe’s sexually charged harassment. Second, Allen saw Renee being harassed by Joe and jumped in and hit Joe. Allen only reacted to what he saw and when Joe focused his anger on Allen, then Allen reacted in a violent way. Lastly, Joe who started the whole thing became a victim when Allen lost control and hit him so he would stop his behavior. Allen was considered the white knight and let his emotions for what he witnessed happening to Renee take over and he lets his emotions take over and hit Joe which put him in an abuser rule but not premeditated. Joe is considered the most guilty victim because he was drunk and acting out in an inappropriate way and then to stop the behavior Allen hit him. Intra individualtheory fits Joe’s scenario because you have to wonder if Joe does this kind of thing all the time or was it just a one time thing because he was under the influence of alcohol. It made me want to dig-deeper into Joe’s life to find out if he was a victim of abuse and if his behavior was learned by witnessing those close to him abuse alcohol and people. It also falls under the guidelines of sociocultural because he also targets Renee in a sexually charged way. Allen jumped in and acted in a symbolic interactional state because he was a hero to Renee. I am sure Renee was grateful for Allen and hated that he ended up having to use violence to stop Joe from showing Renee disrespect. In conclusion, these situations happen a lot in public settings such as concerts, sporting events or any event that brings in large crowds and alcohol is flowing. Some people do not need alcohol to act out they are just violent and emotionally charged. Other people do not hold their alcohol well and act violent and mean when they drink and they should never drink if they know that is how they act. Renee was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and Joe preyed on the weak.


My topic is human trafficking, the victim I am studying is Karla Jacinto, who was forced in sexual slavery at the age of 12. Karla was as sex slave for the better part of 4 years. She was raped by up to 30 men a day, according to an interview by CNN (2017), she believed she was raped about 43,200 times in that 4 year period. Police officers, priests and judges were among the men who raped her. Being raped by these men of power made her feel as though there was no one whom she could turn to for help. During an interview with News (2015), Jacinto told about how she gave birth at 15 and her pimp used her child as leverage against her. The hypothetical professional role I would have would be is a victim advocate. When Karla was rescued in 2008 during an anti-trafficking raid, I would have been assigned to her as a victim advocate. My role, as a victim advocate, would include many different responsibilities. The number one role, in my eyes, would be emotional support, to let her know I am here for her and her best interest. I want her to know she finally has someone she can trust to not hurt her in anyway, I want to help her feel safe. I would also be responsible for helping her get through the legal processes that can follow a rescue. There may be prosecution of her pimp she would need help if she choose to testify. A victim who has known only slavery for her young adult life would need help gaining skills for being in the workforce and would need help understand how to gain housing or insurance. I would walk her through these processes. I would do all I could to help her gain her life back and feel safe.


My topic will be on Domestic Partner Abuse because I am currently dealing with my ex and a criminal domestic violence case. In this situation I am going to be Louise my Victim’s advocate. Louise is a miracle worker and knows just the right things to say to the victim which I will call Katlyn. Katlyn was abused for 16 years of marriage and she finally turned her Husband that she had never told anyone about the abuse until the day she turned him in after he pulled a gun on her and forced her to remain in a basement under gun point for 2 hours trying to use different approaches to get out of the basement. Katlyn made it out of the basement but she still did not turn in her Husband it was two days later when she was physically attacked and strangled that she knew things were finally to the point she had to turn him in. Louise met Katlyn a few days later and Katlyn was so distraught she could not even sit down when she was trying to make her statement so she could get a temporary restraining order against her Husband. Katlyn went on to win her temporary restraining order and permanent. Louise was with Katlyn every step of the way. Louise put her in contact with resources and worked hand and hand with Tessa, and other organizations. Louise sat right beside Katlyn when her Husband was sentenced to 2 years probation for Felony Menancing with a gun because he had a perfect record because she never turned him in. Louise keeps in contact with Katlyn to see how she is doing and to check to make sure she is safe and following her safety plan. Katlyn is not finished in her journey because her Husband is an active duty soldier and is going through a court martial. Katlyn has other advocates through Army Community Services that Louise called to connect Katlyn to them. In the end a victim’s advocate is a life line when you have been abused. Katlyn is seeing things more clearly now since the attack happened in July, however when you have been on the cycle of abuse for as long as Katlyn has it is so hard to break away and Katlyn has Stockholm Syndrome because she mourns the abuser not for who he really was and his actions but for who she was manipulated into believing he was. Katlyn said it feels like someone withdrawing from drug abuse or living through a hurricane and you can’t quite get your footing. Katlyn is a survivor but she has to find mindful clarity in her own journey.

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