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Note my chosen health issue is IMMUNIZATIONAdvocacy is a critical element of public health. We know that collective support, commitment to social justice and health equity, and efforts to make policy changes can result in improved quality of life for all. Our calling in public health is to use our collective voice to create a sense of urgency for others to commit to addressing health issues.For this assignment, you will identify political, social, and economic policies, programs, and strategies for your chosen health issue that stakeholders can support when seeking to improve health in diverse populations. You will create a diagram to illustrate how these concepts are interconnected and play a role in meeting your stated goals to improve health outcomes.InstructionsThe following instructions correspond to the scoring guide criteria, so be sure to address each point. You may also want to review the performance level-descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.Create a diagram and explanatory text in which you address the following:Describe the expected health goal for the population of interest for the selected health issue.Indicate three specific objectives that relate to the goal. For example, a goal could be to decrease the number of African American infant deaths in Chatham County, Savannah, GA by 10 percent.Describe specific benefits to this population through the advancement of the health goal.Explain strategies to identify diverse stakeholders for influencing health outcomes.Include three strategies for identifying individual and organizational stakeholders who can influence public health outcomes. They may be located regionally, nationally, or internationally.Provide examples of six stakeholders you would elect (considering time, talent, and financial resources) and provide justification of including these stakeholders.Describe strategies to build diverse partnerships among stakeholders to advance policies and programs for the selected health issue.Include three strategies that would help parties form partnerships over their mutual interest of the selected health issue.Provide statements that describe how stakeholders will benefit from their involvement with your initiative.Include three statements.Construct a diagram worthy of professional publication or presentation.Your diagram should be appealing to the eye and uphold professional work standards.Additional RequirementsFormat: Use an appropriately professional, readable font and size for your diagram. Add color and supporting graphics judiciously in service of your message.Citations and references: Cite at least three references according to current APA style and include a references page.Refer to the helpful links in Resources as you prepare your assignment. You will include a copy of this diagram in your PowerPoint presentation, so it might be worthwhile to review the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations.Review the assignment scoring guide carefully before submitting your assignment to ensure that you meet all criteria.Note: Your instructor may also use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide feedback on your writing. In the tool, click the linked resources for helpful writing information.

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